Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Putting our Name out there

After our 5mile hike, Jackie and I set out to do some major fundraising for the North Chapter of Team M.A.M.S. We 1st started by brainstorming Friday night over some happy hour drinks. Then we decided we need matching shirts, so off we go to the craft store to get our items. A lot of giggles later we went home to make our shirts, print off our Company Fundraising Request letters, and get some sleep.

Once we cleaned up after our hike we hit up a full shopping center and scored our 1st fundraiser for Friday March 2nd 2012 from 12-9pm at the local Round Table! Click here to download a flyer.

Next was Rubios where we booked a Saturday April 7th 2012 from 11-9pm Click here to download a Flyer.

Along the way we were met with many stores and people that were more than willing to help, via donations, gift cards, events planned etc. So it helped keep up our moral to know so many people and businesses are behind us and this great cause!
Girls on a Mission
This is just the begining!! We got the ball rolling and just brushed on the tip of the iceberg!

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