Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just Another Training Day

Saturday Jackie, Jennifer, Gale, Heather, & Andrea got together at 9am to do another hike. It was only planned to be a 3miler. But we all pushed thru and 1hour and 3mins later we had done 5miles. The best part if felt like NO PROB. Well except for one huge hill, but other than that it was a great morning to chat with each other.

The Beautiful Murietta Canyon
 Pink Trees perfect for the breast cancer training walks
Heather & Jackie
Run Jenny

Andrea & Gale already working up a sweat
Enjoying the view

Here is where Jenny gave us a history lesson,
 where the Indians used the rock to make masa.
Our walks just aren't healthy they are educational too!
Gale, Andrea, & Jenn
Great Job Ladies, Next week 6miles!... LOL

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