Friday, March 16, 2012

Bunco for Boobs

North Chapter Team MAMS had a bunco night. We had lots of good food, good laughs and great people to help donate toward our cause!

some of the raffle goodies

anyone want a slice of a boob?

table 4 -aka the loser table

table 3

table 2

table 1- aka controlers of the game

the chocolate fountain became more of a pool

eat up ladies lots of leftovers

lots of items for sale too!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


To date we have 2 members of Team MAMS make goal.

Christy Moreno was the 1st. Last year when Christy signed up to walk, she did all the "leg work" and raised all the funds. But then had an accident and needed surgery so was unable to walk. This year she is new and improved and the Susan G. Komen foundation has allowed her funds raised last year to count toward her walking this year! Great job Christy.. Stay safe till November!

Lia Ray was the 2nd MAMS member to make her goal. Lia is a 6yr survivor and made her goal in only 6weeks. Can we say VIP! Way to go Girl, great job!

Ok who will be our 3rd to add to the list!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boobs at the Barn

Team MAMS South Chapter had 2 tables at the DISCOVERY VALLEY EQUESTRIAN Center. Where they sold their crafts and held a few raffles. The girls did a great job and look how cute they all look in their matching gear!

Heather, Tina, Jennifer, Dana, Lia

Round Table Fundraiser

Team MAMS (North Chapter) were able to work with the Temecula Round Table to set up a full day of fundraising on Friday 3/2/12 12pm,-9pm. We would receive 20% of the proceeds from all food consumption as long as you gave your flyer at ordering time.

We used this opportunity to also set up shop and sell some of our crafts. Jackie and Andrea set out their blankets, scarves and hats. Along with the Breast Cancer oriented paraphernalia, bracelets, buttons, pins, etc.

We had a lot of very generous strangers give just for the cause! We also met a stage 4 survivor that told us her story and what she has endured and overcome and that just amplified how horrible this disease is and how much harder we need to work to raise money to help find a cure!

A big thanks goes out to all our friends, co-workers, and family that came to support us!

Jackie Mann and her family

Gale, Darcy, their hubbies and fellow friend

Andrea's hubby, 2boys and Jackie's son.

We find out the "grand total" of what Round Table % we earned Monday but for now we made in merchandise alone $213. Jackie and Andrea have told their husbands "See all that time at the craft stores paid off!"