Saturday, April 7, 2012

Boobio's (aka Rubios)

We set up a fundraiser with Rubios where we pass out flyers and they donate 20% of the proceeds to us. They even design the flyer which is a time saver. All we had to do was make copies and pass them out.

 Andrea and Jackie got there at noon and set up a table outside. We had leftover bake sale items from the day before and our "merchandise". Lots of people stopped to support, ask question etc. We had a handful of nice chaps just drop a dollor or 2 into our donation bucket also.

We made only $16 in donations/merchandise sales. Andrea only sold a couple items of her bake sale. But we were able to spread the word by passing out enough flyers around the shopping center to rake in over $200!!!! What a great day of "work"! 

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